Sculpture on the farm

Posted on:November 24, 2016

Author:Clare Holt

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We’ve been working with local artist Lendon Scantlebury for a few years now and if you are living in the Oxfordshire area you may well have visited one of his sculpture shows, which take place in a variety of locations around the county. Lendon didn’t like art at school, but luckily his talent was recognised, nurtured and developed by a mentor, and now he gives back by doing the same for other young people.

Each year he gives a young apprentice the opportunity to not only learn from him but also create a one off piece of art to be displayed (and hopefully sold) at a large public show.

This is the film of his 2016 apprentice, Tom Koster. It’s gives a short glimpse into a world which saw Tom’s creativity unfurling, and we were really privileged to capture the moment when his sculpture was unveiled to the public.

Filmed by Lizzie and Chris
Edited by Lizzie