Are you sick of politics? Here’s our ANTidote…

Posted on:November 9, 2016

Author:Clare Holt

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If you’ve had enough of the news, why not let us momentarily whisk you away to a whole different world…the world of a truly extraordinary organism!

Yes, even beneath the White House – and oblivious to the unfolding events up above, millions of these creatures will be quietly getting on with their thing.

Hillary may have failed to become the first female US president but in this subterranean world the girls are truly on top: it’s a world of strict social hierarchy where all of the workers, soldiers and, of course,  the queen are female.  The male ants have one job only – to mate – and then they die.

Some species are as small as 2mm but by working together they provide an incredible service to humankind, keeping our soil healthy and getting rid of huge quantities of waste material.

So when we came across a group of these incredible creatures on a shoot, we thought we’d get out the Macro lens and film this tiny drama as it happened. We hope you enjoy!