Week three of Lizzie’s top tips to making films with impact

Posted on:November 18, 2016

Author:Clare Holt

Category:Blogs, Filming tips, Uncategorized

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It’s been a typical dark and dingy November week: the light has well and truly packed up and gone by 3.30 in the afternoon and much-anticipated appearance of the super moon was scuppered by rubbish weather.

Never mind, we took this short video the night before when it was beautifully clear  – look carefully and you can see the contrails of the plane a it passes by – it almost looks as though it’s stolen a bit of moon dust – amazing!

For part 3 of our series on how to make films with impact, I’m going to talk a bit about the platform that your audience will view your film on. This may of course be impacted by the age of your intended audience (see last week’s blog)  – sounds obvious but if you are spending a lot of money on shooting and post production, especially if you are commissioning expensive motion graphics – it’s important to remember the screen size that your film will end up on. Words on the screen will look clear and legible on a big desktop, but will disappear into nothing on a mobile or a small tablet screen.

Likewise, if you are filming ‘B Roll’ (which is just a fancy name for moving images) and your core audience is likely to be viewing on mobiles, avoid lots of wide shots and try to stick to close up action that is large in the frame for your pictures.

The other thing to think really carefully about is the combination of words, pictures, and voice.

The brain can only take in so much at once, and your film will lose impact – and indeed meaning – if you are demanding too much from your audience to at the same time. It’s our mantra, keep it focussed, keep it simple!

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