A spoonful of festive sugar….

Posted on:December 16, 2016

Author:Clare Holt

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A shortened blog this week: due in main to the fact that we are still knee deep in icing sugar and twinkly lights having just finished our annual Christmas Film for University College Oxford. Many thanks to all who took part – and kudos to all who donned marvellous Christmas jumpers, assorted festive hats, and generally were great sports!

MC5A4984We’ve had a lovely week playing host to Joe Holt,  a Classics graduate of Oxford University, now doing a Master’s in Post-Production with Visual Effects at York. Joe has been amazing us with his knowledge of ancient Greece – who knew that the writings of Homer were almost certainly by more than one author, and one of those was probably a woman?

Joe has been editing the follow up to our Ants film…this one is about those tiny powerhouses of nature without which we’d all be a lot less happy as they produce around a quarter of the earth’s oxygen – yes, it’s welcome to the rustly world of leaves! And conscious in these fake news times that we need to be 100% sure of our story, we’ll post it soon as it’s suitably fact-checked.

9 sleeps to go to Christmas … we’ll be blogging again next week and if you need a project in 2017 get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!