Autumn 2016 – a busy year, and a new home!

Posted on:September 27, 2017

Author:Clare Holt

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It’s becoming a cliche in the office, but we don’t feel like we’ve stopped since the start of January!

This year we’ve completed new films for the Museum of the History of ScienceThe Department of ZoologyThe Oxford Foreign Service ProgrammeUniversity CollegeQueens College and Exeter College. We covered the always fascinating ‘Evidence Live’ Conference in Oxford, hosted by the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine.

We interviewed the actor Jason Watkins and his wife Clara about their devastating experience with Sepsis for a film which we hope will save lives, commissioned by Health Education England.

We found out how to best brush your teeth if you’re a toddler, and why it’s important to cut down on your alcohol units if you want healthy gnashers in two dental films for e-Learning for Healthcare.

We went to Scotland and had a grand adventure with restless native Christopher Main, owner of the best beach house in Britain, The Green House.

We bought some cool new kit. We ate quite a few cakes. And we moved office!

Come and say hello some time…we are in Twickenham House, 20 East St Helen Street, Abingdon.